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The Day of Polish Sabre – Kmicic, many sabres and horses

sabre day sword foil fencing classes london balham polish culture ukThe first Day of Polish Sabre took place on a sunny Sunday, 28th September 2014. Many Varsovians visited the Polish Army Museum to see the fencing, cavalry, falconry, and dancing shows. Daniel Olbrychski stirred up enthusiasm during the lecture session while talking about the differences between the military and theatrical fencing.
“The concept of the Day of Polish Sabre originated to commemorate the beautiful cold weapon that has accompanied Poles throughout the ages.  Continue reading

Miklós Toldi – the patron of our fencing school

toldi miklos patron fencing london balham sword sabre classes trainingThe symbol of the elite Miklós Toldi fencing school is composed of two letters: T inscribed into M, from the name of Mikós Toldi, a famous Hungarian knight from the 14th century. The initial is the main element of the family’s coat of arms. The band with the national flag on it, worn on the shoulder, was a typical element of fencing attire at the beginning of the 20th century. Continue reading

The real six Hungarian fencing cuts

sabre training london classes techniqes six cuts sword train old styleThe six cuts system history dates back to the 18th century, constituting the basics of sabre fencing. The hussars passed on the typical Hungarian cut method to next generations.

About the method

To find the correct directions of leading the blade, the hussars painted a six cuts star on a wall. They started working on the cuts slowly, speeding up while progressing. They used both sticks and sabres. Continue reading

The forgotten fencing mannequin of Toldi (Toldi bábú)

szermierka-szabla-2-manekin-toldi fencing sword techniques beginer equipment foil training old style lonodon traditional polish hungarianEven in the Middle Ages every self-respecting fencing school used many kinds of mannequins to train fencing. The Toldi Miklós Institute was not an exception to the rule. The most advanced swordsmen had special tools to practise fencing. The tools were called “the mannequins of Toldi” (Hungarian: Toldi bábú).

Why the mannequin?

Continue reading

Unveiling a monument of Sándor Petőfi

petofi-sandor-sztandar Sándor Petőfi hungarian poetry poet bem fencing lodon monument warsawUnveiling a monument of Sándor Petőfi, the hero of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848

We attended the official unveiling of the bust of the Hungarian poet, Sándor Petőfi. This famous author was also the aide of the general Józef Bem during the Hungarian Revolution of 1848. He died in the Battle of Segesvár at the age of 26. The monument is to be found in Górczewska Park (next to the amphitheatre) in Bemowo, a district of Warsaw. Continue reading

Fencing history

szermierka treningi szabla wojsko

Upcoming training

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szermierka treningi szabla wojsko nauka szermierki
szermierka treningi szabla wojsko nauka szermierki