• Wojskowa szermierka szablą w Londynie z wiedzą z Instytutu Miklósa Toldiego

Fencing training

We invite you to a regular, weekly military fencing trainings in London (every Wednesday).


Upcoming training in London:

New Horizon Centre, 7:00 – 8:00 pm
South Lodge Avenue, Mitcham, London CR4 1LT


To begin trainings in our school you should sign up for a trial lesson first. You can do this through the application form or you can simply send an e-mail to info@sabrefencingschool.com.
The trial lesson lasts one hour during which you can see how we conduct the training and get familiar with general training methods of the Miklós Toldi Institute.

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Everybody who is over 12 years old. There is no upper age limit. People of every nationality are invited. We conduct trainings in Polish, but if it is necessary – also in English. You do not have to be experienced in fencing. There are special groups for people who have never trained fencing whatsoever. On your first training you should not worry about your form. Exercises for beginners are selected according to their skills.


On the first few trainings you can use the school’s equipment. You can practice with a pole (a one-metre long singlestick) at home. After a few months you should stock up on your own equipment – a sabre and a mask. We can help choose good, proven equipment with a certificate in a reasonable price.

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During the trainings, we intend to introduce our trainees to the general concepts of teaching methodologies established for officers’ fencing, explain essential differences between sports and military fencing, and first and foremost, begin to teach swordsmanship based on the Miklós Toldi Institute formulae.

We teach:

– Basic footwork and distance drills
– Basic attacks and on guard positions
– The first fencing form: Seven Blades
– General information about the School and sources of knowledge shared in class
– Training techniques developing speed and reflex, the sense of distance and hand-eye coordination

We focus on technical issues, fighting tactics and working with a partner in technical applications. During the 1-hour class every week we pass material for home training, on which we lay a big emphasis. There are also physical exercises, but they are not the most important part of the training, since the instructors travel mainly to share the unique knowledge about military sabre fencing. Practice and working on the newly acquired techniques depends on the student.


We learn from living swordsmen (e.g. Tibor Pézsa), who are rooted in the teaching tradition of the Miklós Toldi Royal Hungarian Institute of Military Sports and Fencing (Miklós Toldi és Honvéd Sporttanár Vívómester képző Intézet), which functioned in the first part of the 20th century. We have a documented fencing family tree that dates back to the early 18th century.

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>>> History of the Miklós Toldi Institute, the source of our knowledge
>>> Instructors responsible for the fencing school in London
>>> Rules of the Hungarian-Polish Sabre Fencing School London


Fencing history
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Upcoming training
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szermierka treningi szabla wojsko nauka szermierki
szermierka treningi szabla wojsko nauka szermierki