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Ludovica Defense Academy – an important fencing exhibition

fencing london exhibition sword sabre budapestOn 13th November, Friday, there was an important fencing event for our School. We were celebrating the opening of the first fencing exhibition of the Royal Hungarian Ludovica Defense Academy (Magyar Királyi Honvéd Ludovika Akadémia). It concerns the very beginning of the development of the Hungarian modern sabre fencing and introduces people who had a great influence on it. Such important figures as István Simicskó, the Minister of National Defence of Hungary, our Maestro Tibor Pézsa, the gold medalist of Olympic Games in Tokio, the student of the famous swordsman Janos Szűts and Norbert Maday, the founder of the Hungarian Sabre Fencing School took part in the exhibition.

About the exhibition

The exhibition focuses on the history of the Royal Hungarian Ludovica Defense Academy that was operating at the end of the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century. László Borsody himself was learning at the Academy and later on was working there as a teacher. Then he became the one who developed the elite Miklós Toldi Royal Hungarian Institute of Military Sports and Fencing in Budapest.

The exhibits tell a story of extraordinary people connected with the Academy and the roots that constituted the later phenomenon of the Miklos Toldi Institute. An unique part of the exhibition were memorabilia of János Szűts, an outstanding fencer of the Institute, which have never been shown publicly before.

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