• Wojskowa szermierka szablą w Londynie z wiedzą z Instytutu Miklósa Toldiego

Miklós Toldi – the patron of our fencing school

toldi miklos patron fencing london balham sword sabre classes trainingThe symbol of the elite Miklós Toldi fencing school is composed of two letters: T inscribed into M, from the name of Mikós Toldi, a famous Hungarian knight from the 14th century. The initial is the main element of the family’s coat of arms. The band with the national flag on it, worn on the shoulder, was a typical element of fencing attire at the beginning of the 20th century. Sometimes the fencers sewed their club’s coat of arms on it.

Miklós Toldi, as the mere name suggest, is the official patron of the Miklós Toldi Royal Hungarian Institute of Military Sports and Fencing (Toldi Miklós Honvéd Sporttanár és Vívómester képző Intézet) founded in 1925. The Hungarian-Polish Sabre Fencing School teaches fencing according to the methods of the Institute. It is the only school – apart from the Magyar Szablyavívó Iskola – that is allowed to use this emblem, as it has received an official permission from the old Toldi family.

Fencing history
szermierka treningi szabla wojsko
Upcoming training
szermierka treningi szabla wojsko nauka szermierki
szermierka treningi szabla wojsko nauka szermierki
szermierka treningi szabla wojsko nauka szermierki