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Warm anecdote about swordsman János Szűcs

szucs pezsaA blessed hand

After winning the Olympic Games in Tokio 1964, Tibor Pezsa’s mother invited the great swordsman János Szűcs, the teacher of her son, for a family dinner in their family house in Ostrogom. A week before the visit, Tibor Pezsa discreetly tried to check what the favorite dish of the swordsman was. Finally, Uncle János confessed that he liked a pie with cabbage (káposztás rétes – a traditional Hungarian dish).

It was a beautiful Sunday. They visited Pezsa’a family house. Tibor Pezsa’s mother greeted the guest by kissing his hand. The swordsman couldn’t hide his embarrassment. He didn’t know how to behave. He asked her politely to stop. She said: “Blessed be the hand that brought my son to a great glory. Please come to our modest home.” Uncle János blushed.

They started dinner. Firstly, a traditional homemade chicken soup was served. The swordsman ate it and when asked for seconds he refused politely and was discreetly looking around for his favourite dish. At last came the time for the awaited pie. Uncle Janos ate three portions, which was against the savoir vivre of the Royal Hungarian Ludovica Defense Academy. According to the etiquette, officers could ask for only one second helping.

While saying goodbye Uncle János thanked the old woman profusely not only for dinner…


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